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We are a family-owned beekeeping business located high on Cedar Mountain in beautiful Southwest Utah. Our bees produce a delicious, golden, sweet honey from pesticide–free wildflowers, sage, rabbit brush, and other pollen sources found growing at 7400 feet elevation. Our organic products are homemade, and our ingredients are kept simple and natural - just the way you’d expect them to be!

We blend honey and beeswax with perfect pairings of pure oils and butters of coconut, almond, jojoba, shea, cocoa, vitamin E and other protecting, hydrating agents to pamper your skin. The miracle of our blended balms is that they are naturally anti-bacterial, anti-germicidal, anti-fungal, and protecting. They are designed to rejuvenate damaged skin and leave you feeling as vibrant as the wildflowers that bloom on the mountain. See "About Us" for more information.

Caution: Consult your doctor and do not use beeswax products if you are allergic to bees.

Lip balms, skin moisturizers and homemade gifts from nature's magical healing remedies of beeswax, honey, and natural oils to soothe, soften, and rejuvenate.

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    Convenient for travel-this pocket size of healing balm helps to heal cracked fingers and heels. Chocolate Peppermint Stick Hand and Body Balm Infused With Coconut and Lime
    Bit O' BalmChocolate Peppermint StickHand and Body Balm Infused With Coconut and Lime

    Pocket size tin of healing balm travels with you for a constant healing touch on painful, cracked skin. Great for hardworking people on the go - outdoors, indoors, anytime!

    Refresh lips with a twist of cool peppermint and a hint of chocolate. Cocoa and carrot seed essential oil combine with vitamin E and all natural ingredients to help hydrate and protect lips from harsh elements. Beeswax helps to save lips and keep...All natural balm that helps to restore skin's elasticity and youth. Same healing properties and ingredients as the lavender infused hand and body balm but with a light smell of the tropics. Coconut and lime refresh while deeply hydrating cracked...




    Honey Wildflower Honey Face and Skin Cream Honey Lip Shine
    HoneyWildflower Honey Face and Skin CreamHoney Lip Shine

    Twelve ounces of homemade honey from bees pollinating Cedar Mountain wildflowers, rabbit brush, sage, thistle, and other pollen sources.

    Instant all-natural healing and soothing face and skin cream that promotes a youthful glow and is reported to reduce the appearance of sun and age spots.  

    Restore youthful radiance and shine to lips with this treatment of natural oils, beeswax, and sweet honey!




    Balm for feet is rich in nutrients, natural anti-bacterial protection, and locks in moisture while helping to regenerate skin. Lavendar Hand Balm Refill - natural, wholesome, and healthy way to hydrate and protect skin. Tin not included. Two ounces of balm containing natural healing moisturizing agents in a convenient tin.
    Foot Balm & RefillHealing Honey Beeswax Balm Refills Infused With LavenderHealing Honey Beeswax Hand & Body Balm Infused With Lavender

    A magical blend of beesway, butters and oils to help heal and moisturize the toughest or tiniest feet. Makes a great baby shower gift - wrap in blue or pink ribbon!

    Refill your tin or apply directly to skin. Enjoy the incredible healing powers of lavender flowers blended with hydrating butters, oils, beeswax, and honey. Tin not included.

    The smell and healing powers of sweet mountain lavender help to relax tired hands and feet by penetrating, soothing, and softening to restore tone and elasticity. Wrapped in a convenient tin.




    An exceptional blend of oils used by ancient civilizations to heal and smoothe skin is combined with shea butter and beeswax to provide healing, rejuvenating, moisturizing relief for dry hands, feet, and cuticles. Peppermint Stick Vanilla Stick
    Nightime Ointment For Chapped Hands & Dry CuticlesPeppermint Stick Vanilla Stick

    Nourish your skin while sleeping and replenish skin to full luster with this rich blend of natural oils and butters.

    A pure and natural moisturizing lip balm that protects lips with a pleasing, invigorating hint of peppermint!

    Protect and hydrate chapped lips with a kiss of honey and sweet vanilla! Save your lips from harsh environmental elements!




    Whipped Body Butter
    Whipped Body Butter

    Whipped in the mountain air to boost oxygen-send vitamins and nourishment deep into your skin and experience the miracle of rejuvenating your skin with natural, enriched moisturizers.


    1 - 13 of 13 items