Wildflower Honey Face and Skin Cream
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All natural nourishment for face and skin. This cream is so hydrating and long-lasting that we recommend freezing or refrigerating this cream as may customers report that it lasts them an entire year. We provide you with a separate small tin that you can refill and keep on the bathroom counter or in your purse. Sensitive skin? No problem. There are no harsh chemical preservatives. Our face cream provides an intense moisturizing treatment that feels incredibly smooth to the touch and miraculously softens and adds a youthful glow. Nature's healing agents help to repair dry skin and deeply hydrate skin damaged by repeated washings, wind, and sun. This cream has been reported to reduce the appearance of sun spots on skin. Just a little dab of this cream moisturizes your entire face. A dash of the natural mineral titanium oxide proves a natural sun screen. Pair with Wildflower Honey Face Soap for an incredible moisturizing treatment. A natural sunscreen. Must be kept refrigerated. Contents: Almond oil, pure mountain water, cocoa butter, aloe vera, beeswax, lanolin, titanium oxide, lime and coconut fragrance, vitamin e. Gross wt 8.85 oz.

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Wildflower Honey Face and Skin Cream

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