Vanilla Stick
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Contact us by phone or email for a 10% for orders numbering more than 20 of any single item. This is the equivalent of one or more free products, depending on the order size. I use to suffer from cracked skin on my lips but not anymore! You can't buy anything more simple and natural to protect your lips than our Vanilla Stick! Vanilla mixed with sweet honey is our most popular lip balm. There is nothing better than nature's pure and simple ingredients to hydrate lips dried by sun and wind. This balm will heal your lips and give long-lasting protection each time you apply it. There is no alcohol to dry your lips or make you re-apply more frequently. Compare the simple natural ingredients to other leading brands. There is no alcohol, no water, and no other ingredients that you can't pronounce. The stick also may be applied to cracked fingers to help promote healing. The healing balm helps to re-generate cells while keeping lips smoothe and soft. Contents: Beeswax, coconut oil, honey, vanilla Net wt approx .15 oz. Gross wt approx .35 oz.

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Vanilla Stick

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