Tropical Breezes Blueberry Exfoliating Face Cream Soap
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This soap makes every day a spa day! Why spend twice as much going to a salon when you can buy this fabulous, all-natural soap? Beautifully wrapped in a box with a clear top and labeling listing all of the wonderful natural ingredients--this soap just begs you to give your face and skin the gift of a day at the spa. Do your own research and you will find that the ingredients of this soap have amazing benefits for your skin! Blueberry seeds naturally exfoliate while pomegranate and honey helps to brighten the skin and improved a dull complexion. Naturally protect your skin from damage by free radicals, which cause wrinkles and even skin cancer. Add this amazing to an individualized gift bag with lip and skin balms that you select from our web site; this is a treat for your skin and makes a wonderful present for friends. Enjoy the soft all-natural fragrance of blueberry, pomegranate, and mango as you nourish your skin with rich goats milk, honey, and vitamin e. Simple pure ingredients of blueberry seeds, pomegranate, mango mixed with goats milk, coconut and mango oils, honey, oatmeal, and vitamin e. Anti-bacterial and anti-germicidal honey detoxifies skin. Wrapped in a natural box and a raffia bow. Attractive labeling lists the ingredients. Gross wt varies but approx. 4.5 ozs.
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Tropical Breezes Blueberry Exfoliating Face Cream Soap

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