Hand and Body Balm Infused With Coconut and Lime
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Contact us by phone or email for bulk pricing discounts of 10% for orders numbering more than 20 per item. This gives you the equivalent of 1 to several products, depending on the size of your order. These balms are a wonderful addition for gift bags. This all-natural balm does not contain water so it is intensely hydrating and long lasting. The balm helps to restore skin's elasticity and youth. Same healing properties and ingredients as the lavender infused hand and body balm but with a light smell of the tropics. Coconut and lime refresh while deeply hydrating cracked heels, hard-working hands, and skin dried by wind and weather. Contents: Shea butter, cocoa butter, beeswax, coconut oil, honey, lemon, vitamin E and coconut/lime fragrance. Tin included. Net wt approx 2 oz. Gross wt 2.80 oz.
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Hand and Body Balm Infused With Coconut and Lime

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